About The Band

The Grand Honors Band is a garage band assembled to perform a few songs during the Annual Grand Communications of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines, of which Tagaytay City is the Host in the year 2005.

After that, the members deemed it best to do a regular practice as a form of release from everyday work pressures and at the same time, honing their skills in their preferred instruments. After a series of performances, they were recognized during their stint with the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Cavite Chapter induction ceremonies. Bookings for Christmas parties were sent to the band, however, Atty. Medina left for his well deserved vacation in the United States. Immediately after his return, the band resumed a regular practice and focused on their gig at the Bellevue Hotel. With a long repertoire for that gig (3 hours for one set), it would be found out that the professional schedule for court hearings, doctor’s rounds, golf routines and bank clients oftentimes will not mix with practice sessions.

The Band Members

VW Butch C. Velazco – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, rhythm

VW Butch, the Band Leader, is a present President of Tagaytay City Rural Bank where he holds regular office. He is also the present President of Association of Rural Bankers. With drummer Olan (Atty. Medina), he originally conceptualized the band as a performing band, realizing that ordinary jams can be converted to good tunes that on his flavor. His favorite instrument is his brand new Fender Stratocaster Anniversary Edition that he got from New York.

Butch handles practice schedules and asset acquisitions. Send queries to Butch at bcvelazco23@yahoo.com

Olan Medina – Drums, Vocals
Olan, or Roland, is a practicing Lawyer and is a member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines in good standing. He is more of a “hard rock” drummer with experience going way back to high school. Distinguishing him from other drummers is his ability to read drum and staff notes and play different guitars and keyboards. That rig we see on the the picture above is his Pearl rig on his own house at the mezzanine. He amazed us with his collection of Sabians and Paiste and other crashes surrounding him out our sight.

Send drum notes to Olan at medinalaw2000@yahoo.com

Billy M. Sumagui – vocals, lead guitar, keyboards

VW Billy is also a practicing lawyer by profession. He was the City Administrator of  Mayor Francis Tolentino (now MMDA Chairman) at Tagaytay City. His history in band music goes back to his college days as lead vocals, guitarist of the LuckyaBand, a rock/country band with their own philosophical compositions. He was a musical director for the band as well the various concerts for tenor of Vincentian Hills Seminary and Adamson University. ams-jul08.jpg


Dr. Ponch Villaroman – Bass guitar, Vocals,

Bro. Dr. Ponch met an accident at Pampanga in his 400 Steed. Seing his injuries, we don’t know how he survived that one. After countless operations, he’s come back to life on his carbon fiber leg with a Harley Davidson Sticker. This is a real man. Bro. Ponch has a vast collection of Bass Guitars including that one from Paul McArtney.

Dr. Ponch on Bass

Sonny Vergara – sound mix and equalization

Manager: Mayor Bambol Tolentino (Tagaytay City)


WB Gilbert Mendoza – vocals, guitars and percussions

Bro. Vincent Caisip – Vocals and Keyboards

Bro. Jonjon Arayata  – Drums

Isty Loyola – Drums

George Medina – Lead


8 responses

15 04 2009
Vincent Lancelot


I found this page by accident. My name is Arch. Vincent Lancelot Soriano-Caisip, 31 years old from Calatagan, Batangas. Currently staying in Tagaytay, in Maharlika East. I’m the one who owns that old car right across Yellow Cab and the Architect of T-House in Brgy Sungay. In short, i love it here!!! 🙂

I am also a professional band player, it being my part time job before I became an Architect. I play with my Roland Keyboard RD300, synth module Roland JV1010 and a Vocalist as well. I’m not really into Extreme Rock, my repertoir are from the 70’s to present.

I’m not a Mason yet but have intention of Knocking. At the moment I’m a member of the Rotary Club of Paranaque South by invitation of I believe Mayor Tolentino’s friend Ed Castillo of Seagulls Foundation.

Hope to jam with you guys. I may be reached at 0927-922-3007.

Many thanks and best regards,

16 04 2009

that’s great vincent,
you are welcome to join us.
will tell you when’s the next jam ,
right now though, we are jamming with club rhino, since our
drummer is busy and dr ponch had his leg amped…(ouchh)
check out some of our jams with the rhinos

29 04 2009
Vincent Lancelot

Ok bros. will check the website asap. Hear from you soon. Cheers!!!

30 04 2009

you can also check out the new files at this board


24 06 2010
Piyay Sapki

I heard about your band directly from Dr. Ponch . Good luck on your future performances.

27 06 2010

not having any these days, so busy

28 11 2010

lets jam with grand honors

30 03 2011

mga dudes. shed na tayo ng practice

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